District of Chit: part one

Alright, so I stumbled across a “fashion” blog a little while ago called the District of Chic.  Now aside from being a blog about style in a city that has none, it’s more specifically a blog about the style of a girl that has none.  I believe she calls herself “E”, maybe shes afraid someone will try to track her down and beat some (fashion) sense into her.



Anyway, I decided that the only way to deal with this is to do a little fashion blogging of my own, only mine will have a little errordactyl spin on it.  The basic premise is this:


and there is only one way to find out.  So the other night I lined up the whisky shots and got to work, with the help of my friend and her digital camera.  Here’s how it went down:

1) pick out an outfit

2) put it on

3) take a shot

4) take some pictures

5) repeat over and over again

All of the clothes in these pictures came from my own wardrobe, and I even threw some cheap crap in there just for you miss “E”.  Each outfit was conceived of just before I put it on.  Over the next few days I will post the chronological progression of the evening.

CURRENT MUSIC: Blonde Redhead- Hated Because of Great Qualities

Shot number one:


suit by John Varvatos, shirt by Ted Baker, tie by Calvin Klein, shoes by Donald J. Pliner, sunglasses by Ray-Ban




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7 responses to “District of Chit: part one

  1. Maipeisu

    I can’t wait for the next one. I hope it gets progressively more ridiculous as you get drunker and drunker.

  2. errordactyl

    oh, it does!!!
    check back every day to see what happens next.

  3. Kamilla

    Whoa, why such hostility? Why do you care about how she dresses? Oh I guess your whole blog is about being angry and stuff, huh. But still… I don’t really see the point

  4. x

    What people considered fashionable may change, but being an ass never will.

  5. errordactyl

    You should read my “take those fucking sunglasses off” post. I touch on that. But in the mean time I’ll take comfort in the fact that I can be an ass FOREVER!

  6. Bob

    Nice job on those Rubik’s cubes.

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