District of Chit: parts three and four

I’m doubling up today, because otherwise this thing will go on forever.  Without giving a way too much, I drank a LOT that night.  Though loading this many pictures at once from my work computer is a harrowing task, frankly sometimes it seems like I could get a better internet connection with string and Dixie cups.  I also feel the need to give credit where credit is due, our girl is getting a little better at dressing herself.  “E” should consider sitting at home all day listening to hip-hop more often.  I’m sure whatever she usually does during the day is not nearly as important as whoring herself out on the internet for superficial ego validation.

So anyway, apparently three shots is the point at which I forget to unbutton my jacket when sitting down, and four is where I re-kindle my love for toy airplanes.

CURRENT MUSIC: Public Enemy- Anti-nigger Machine

Shot number three:

suit by Jos A Bank, scarf by Banana Republic, under shirt by Calvin Klein, shoes by Vans, sunglasses by Serengeti Eyewear, watch by Movado, motorcycle helmet by Shoei


Shot number four:

sweater by Michael Kors, jeans and shoes by Lacoste, watch by Movado



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