pshttt… humans


I’m not the biggest fan of humans, I’m just going to be up front about that one.  I know, I know, I’m a human and I have human friends that I like, but i think that’s kind of on par with when you accuse someone of being racist, and they respond with “I have plenty of black friends”.  They’re still racist, and I still hate humans.  I mean, what the hell do we do?  We’re pointless!!! We’re not even a link in the food chain!  We’re just the ball at the end of it, dragging everything else down with us.  Fuck humans.  The only cool thing we have ever done is music (and pyramids).  Music is awesome, but at the same time, it really isn’t anything at all.  It’s just a concept, existing solely in the minds of other humans.  Even when music is played, it takes an other human to interpret it as more than just sound.  A dog doesn’t know the difference between music and the humm of an electric light.  So without humans, music isn’t real, it sucks too.

Jessika: are you gonna blog about the new hair?
10:45 AM me: i’ve been thinking about it
  but probably not
  there isn’t a lot to say
10:52 AM Jessika: you can make it all about metamorphisis…
10:53 AM me: oh yea
  i’m not that angry about metamorphosis though
10:54 AM Jessika: all of your entries stem from anger?
 me: no
  not ALL of them
  some of them are about music
  you know
  the one good thing that humans have done
11:21 AM Jessika: is the peanut butter scare over?
11:27 AM me: i was never scared of peanut butter
  it’s a ridiculous thing to be scared of
11:28 AM Jessika: ahahahahhaa
  you didn’t hear about the salmanila in peanu butter?
11:29 AM me: oh
  they always say there’s salminella in stuff
11:30 AM Jessika: i continued to eat it and i didn’t die. someone just asked me if oeanut butter was safe again….i didn’t know
 me: lol
  that’s my girl
12:24 PM Jessika: youtube is the best thing ever
12:26 PM me: it is a creation of man
  so i can only be so happy about it
  (that’s about where i am today, lol)
 Jessika: i see that lol
  hating us mere mortals today huh?
 me: you got it
12:28 PM Jessika: how unfortunate
 me: eh
  it’s not all bat
  there are pleanty if immortal things out there to love
12:30 PM Jessika: i meant unfortunate for the rest of us
  like what?
12:31 PM me: oh
  rock formations
  the colors in the sky
  quantum gravity
12:32 PM Jessika: none of that can hold you or kiss you or keep you warm….
12:33 PM me: quantum gravity holds me together
  the trees kiss me with their leavs
  and the sky keeps me warm
  not to be SUPER EMO or anything
12:35 PM Jessika: you’d rather be held together by something you can’t touch, kiss something that doesn’t kiss back and be kept warm by something that  something gives no passion?
 me: you’re looking at it the wrong way
these things are more beautiful than a person can ever be
  and we get to live in their pressence
  but rather than breathe it all in, and value the magnitude of our existance
  we just find new ways of fucking up the things around us
 and perpetuating our own filth
  don’t get me wrong, i like the touch of a woman
  and i have friends that mean more to me than i can say
  but sometimes i feel distracted from the world around me
 you know, the things that ACTUALLY matter
12:39 PM Jessika: enjoying the world around you, stopping to pay attention to it, all that is important. but it’s the people and how they make us feel that makes life what it is
12:40 PM me: no
  it’s just how you feel
 reguardless of the stimuli
 Jessika: if you always stop to smell the flowers you might miss the hot girl trying to get your attention
 mewhat if you like the flower more than the hot girl?
12:41 PM Jessika: what if the flower turns out to be poisonous and the girl is the one you’ve been waiting for
 life without love isn’t really life
 me: you just introduced time into the equasion
 on a long enough timeline everything is deadly
  in sandskrit the word “kala” means both “time” and “death”
 it doesn’t have two meanings
 they just believed that the two concepts were inseperable
  with time comes death
  or destruction
  and on a long enough timeline everything dies
 it’s just realistic
12:45 PM Jessika: you are so hard on the people that make up the world around us, sometimes it makes me wonder if anyone could ever make you happy
 me: yea
12:46 PM Jessika: that’s sad
 me: yea, maybe
12:47 PM Jessika: no, i’m telling you, it is
 me: oh
12:48 PM Jessika: i know there are a lot worse things in life, but living without love…it’s a fate i wouldn’t want
  or for anyone i cared about
 me: who said i live without love anyway
12:53 PM Jessika: someone with such a healthy disdain for the rest of us can’t be in love
  and i wasn’t talking about you specifically
12:54 PM me: i have been in the past
  i love my family
  i love my friends
 Jessika: i would hope so
  but are you in love with someone?
 me: part of my true and healthy distain for humans is realizing that i am just as pointless as every other human on earth
 therefore no less capable of love with another mundane hairless mamal
  no i am not in love right now
12:56 PM Jessika: ok. i’ll shut up before you start to hate me too
 me: haha
  i don’t think you have to worry about it
 Jessika: so says you
 me: lol


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8 responses to “pshttt… humans

  1. Bob

    I got salmon-ila once. Not from one of the scares, though, just (probably) from some undercooked chicken at a mongolian bbq. It was NOT fun. I spent the first day staring at a turned off television set. The next 4 days were very much like you’d expect, except even worse.

    Humans make aircraft carriers and the statue of liberty, both pretty awesome. Aircraft carriers: self evident. Statue of Liberty: “Congratulations, you made it 100 years without a coup! Here’s an enormous green statue. Enjoy.” Oh, i WILL! It’s a total throwback. No one makes shit like that anymore. Take another look at it, it’s quite crazy. And awesome.

  2. Oksana

    Well, I won’t comment on the contents, I’ll just consider it as a language exercise, a piece of fiction, well written by the way. But I just wanted to leave proof here that I actually read your blog sometimes, yeah.

  3. Maipeisu

    I’m not human.

  4. Guess Who

    Animals also hear “music”, and they respond to human music.

    All of human existence can be rationalized by the fact that sex is more fun for us. Also for someone who hates humans so much you do an awful lot of blogging, and cling to your phone.

  5. Guess Who

    “Jessika: enjoying the world around you, stopping to pay attention to it, all that is important. but it’s the people and how they make us feel that makes life what it is”

    She’s 100% right, it’s all about each other, good or bad. To love the sky and the sun is the most human thing you can do, no other animal sits around admiring nature for it’s beauty they just get on with it, and protect their species.

  6. errordactyl

    settle down alex

  7. Colin

    I think nick makes one he’ll of a point if you ask me… I dunno why but this blog is interesting as fuck I’m really thinking about doing this sticker thing bud I’ll talk to you about it Monday at burger night!

  8. errordactyl

    (thanks for that one humans)

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