the top 10 cool things about “Babylon A.D.”

babylon a.d.

babylon a.d.


I watched “Babylon A.D.” last night, and though it was not a particularly fantastic movie, it definitely had it’s moments.  So here they are (in order of lamest to coolest):

10) an abundance of shitty accents ALL THE TIME

9) a corny snowmobile backflip/missile dodge/robot-fighterplane destroying pistol shot

8) Vin Diesel’s vicious, over-the-top head scars

7) implications of a nuclear weapon usage with absolutely no global side effects

6) crazy parkour guys (spices up any movie)

5) it makes reference to Uzbekistan, I have a soft spot for that place ever since I lived there as a child

4) awesome motorcyclists with sweet future bikes and skull facemasks

3) Toorop (Vin Diesel) won’t stop calling this dude a “baby-killer” in the beginning of the movie

2) Aurora (Mélanie Thierry) gets progressively hotter and hotter over the course of the film.  It’s actually kind of odd.

Mélanie Thierry

Mélanie Thierry

1) Vin Diesel has a hand tattoo, prominently displayed through the whole movie, that says “elephant” in Russian (слон).  What the hell is that all about?



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5 responses to “the top 10 cool things about “Babylon A.D.”

  1. Snake_IT

    “Slon”(Слон) means Смерть Легавым От Ножа.

    Death to police by the knife.

  2. Snake_IT

    It’s a prison tattoo.

  3. errordactyl

    HOLY SHIT! that rules. Babylon AD has now been upgraded from “not particularly fantastic” to “particularly fantastic”. For that matter, Russians have been upgraded from “dreary and miserable” to “hardcore and miserable”

  4. It’s the Russian abbreviation of the Solovki prison camp (Соловецкий лагерь особого назначения).

  5. carl monks

    Babylon A.D. (2008)

    The Cyrillic tattoo on Vin Diesel’s left hand reads “SLON” (“Elephant”) which stands for “Solovetsky Lager’ Osobogo Naznacheniya” (Solovki Special Purpose Camp), one of the earliest GULAG’s encampments (1923-1933). Later, this tattoo was popular among criminals, with a new interpretation: “Smert’ Legavym Ot Nozha!” (Death for Cops From a knife)

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