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Kenji the workplace sexual harassment robot

Some of you may have heard of this robot in Japan who fell in love with one of his intern/trainer people, barricaded her in his room, and refused to stop hugging her repeatedly until his eventual deactivation by two senior staff members.  But to be perfectly fair here, did you see the way she was dressed?  SHE WAS TOTALLY ASKING FOR IT!!! Continue reading


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invasion of the swedish body snatchers

I’ve decided that my posts have been goofy and kind of lame recently, sorry about that.  At least you can all rest assured that I’ve been randomly less infuriated with the world recently.  Maybe.  Or perhaps I’m just less articulate about it.  At any rate there are still some people out there in cyberspace with interesting shit to say.  Like the Associated Press.  This is a really cool article that I found on cbsnews.com, it has to do with separating the ideas of “self” and “body”, or at least exploring if that’s possible.  I copied the whole thing below:

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