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the errordactyl coolness aptitude test

Welcome to the errordactyl coolness aptitude test, or the ECAT for short.  The purpose of the ECAT is to determine just how valid you are to society.  I tested it out yesterday for the first time on my two friends Patrick and Anthony.  Below is the test, followed by the answers, and the transcripts of my conversations with them.


1 ) freakishly tall people vs. freakishly short people

2 ) motorcycles vs. siamese twins attached at the penis

3 ) those extreme fish that live in super hot water vs. the NASA plane with backwards wings that can fly out of our atmosphere

4 ) Ronald McDonald vs. the alien-Sigourney Weaver hybrid from the “Alien” movies

5 ) the sun vs. boobs

6 ) persians vs. the tooth fairy

7 ) alcohol vs. the color brown

8 ) non-anime cartoons vs. cold stuff between -40 and 0 degrees Celsius

9 ) Mayans vs. the printing press

10 ) hagfish vs. butterflies

11 ) hitler vs. cigarettes

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dora da xplora

Seriously, what happened to cartoons?  I don’t really watch a lot of TV, I never have, but cartoons used to be a treat for me.  I could watch them on Saturday mornings for a change from the ultra-scholastic monotony of being a child.  I understand that kids need to learn, and that they are impressionable and what-not, but why do we need to force-feed knowledge to them 24 hours a day?  If you take away all of the mindless goofy fun a kid has and replace it with learning, isn’t that destructive too?  Kids need to learn how to budget time, how to relax, how to not stress out in college trying to study all the time and kill themselves.  Does Dora teach you that?

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