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District of Chit: parts seven and eight

Seven shots and still going strong, which is more than I can say for my new friend.  “E” sure seems to have a thing for giant unflattering jackets.  Luckily for her, it looks like eight shots may be one to many for me.  At that point I became preoccupied with how awesome the color purple is at the expense of, well, everything else.  But don’t worry, I didn’t let that stop me.

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District of Chit: part two

Alright girls and boys, it’s day two of the errordactyl fashion blog, and still no word from miss “E”.  Even given my best efforts to incite iRiot with comments like:

I can’t believe you think all this crap looks good. I can dress myself better in a drunken stupor. In fact, I did, and I’m posting it on my blog http://www.errordactyl.com, have a nice day.


hey, i’ve got two drinks in me and i’m still the better dressed internet attention whore over here at www.errordactyl.com

Hummm… maybe she understands the “free reign” anarchistic nature of the internet better than I thought.  Or maybe she just doesn’t know how to work it (more likely).  Anyway, so here’s drink number two and I’m feeling a bit more casual.  Today also features a surprise trip to the great out doors…

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