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a new low for filmmakers everywhere

I saw the WORST FUCKING MOVIE EVER MADE yesterday!  I don’t know how it managed to pull off a “G” rating, because it had all the elements necessary to fuck a little kid up forever.  Objectification of women, affirmation of unhealthy social norms, glorification of a homogeneous society, subconscious yonic references EVERYWHERE, all that shit.


barbie fairytopia magic of the rainbow https://errordactyl.wordpress.com

That’s right, “Magic of the Rainbow” from the “Barbie Farytopia” series.  Apparently Barbie isn’t a character, she’s the actress (who knew?), and there are all these different make-believe worlds that she makes movies in.  Barbie Fairytopia is the one where everyone is a ditsy fairy cunt-bag, but there’s also Barbie Mariposa (in Spanish), Barbie Mermaidia, and Barbie Cumslut-Trophywifeopolis.  I don’t know why they let such crap movies have such appealing covers either.  Fucking America.

ANYWAY, “Magic of the Rainbow” gets negative-five stars, and four-hundred thumbs down.  Next time you’re in the mood for mindless subjugation of women, and some good old-fashioned ethnic cleansing, you know where to look.



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doug young is a bitch (the WALL-E saga continues)

Yea that’s right, I said “saga”.  I’m just going to pretend that I have people that keep up with all my crap, because it makes me happy.  Anyway, for those of you who don’t, you will see in one of my previous posts that I was mildly upset by a review of the movie “WALL-E”.  At the time I thought this review was written by the Kent Paul, the host of the site, however Kent was polite enough to explain to me that I had been doing sloppy research, and in fact the article was written by this dickhead:

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