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fuck christmasssss

People shouldn’t need an excuse to be nice to each other.  If you’re going to be an asshole for 364 days a year (365 if it’s a leap year), why stop now?  Especially so close to the end!  And don’t even pretend that it’s about jesus’ birthday.  PLEASE.  Have fun burning in hell pagans.



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bread, wine, and jesus paper

I got some jesus paper yesterday.  You know that crap people hand you in the street, outside the grocery store, by the Metro, WHEREVER.  Now these things are awesome, if you ever read them.  They’re just jibberish, they make no sense whatsoever.  It’s like talking to a crazy person.

I think the problem is that it tries to quote the bible too much, they need to add some filler in there to tie it all together.  I counted 27 bible quotes in two-and-a-half mini pages.  Sorry, but that just doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for coherence.  I also noticed the web address at the end.  Let’s just say that the prestigious “errordactyl best website ever” award has now been given to http://www.fellowshiptractleague.org/. Continue reading

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