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a new low for filmmakers everywhere

I saw the WORST FUCKING MOVIE EVER MADE yesterday!  I don’t know how it managed to pull off a “G” rating, because it had all the elements necessary to fuck a little kid up forever.  Objectification of women, affirmation of unhealthy social norms, glorification of a homogeneous society, subconscious yonic references EVERYWHERE, all that shit.


barbie fairytopia magic of the rainbow https://errordactyl.wordpress.com

That’s right, “Magic of the Rainbow” from the “Barbie Farytopia” series.  Apparently Barbie isn’t a character, she’s the actress (who knew?), and there are all these different make-believe worlds that she makes movies in.  Barbie Fairytopia is the one where everyone is a ditsy fairy cunt-bag, but there’s also Barbie Mariposa (in Spanish), Barbie Mermaidia, and Barbie Cumslut-Trophywifeopolis.  I don’t know why they let such crap movies have such appealing covers either.  Fucking America.

ANYWAY, “Magic of the Rainbow” gets negative-five stars, and four-hundred thumbs down.  Next time you’re in the mood for mindless subjugation of women, and some good old-fashioned ethnic cleansing, you know where to look.



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dora da xplora

Seriously, what happened to cartoons?  I don’t really watch a lot of TV, I never have, but cartoons used to be a treat for me.  I could watch them on Saturday mornings for a change from the ultra-scholastic monotony of being a child.  I understand that kids need to learn, and that they are impressionable and what-not, but why do we need to force-feed knowledge to them 24 hours a day?  If you take away all of the mindless goofy fun a kid has and replace it with learning, isn’t that destructive too?  Kids need to learn how to budget time, how to relax, how to not stress out in college trying to study all the time and kill themselves.  Does Dora teach you that?

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too happy for halloween

I went to a symphony last night, nothing particularly out of the ordinary.  Great music, decent orchestra, cool period instruments (including a keyed trumpet), all the ingredients for a good evening except that they made us sit on these weird uncomfortable benches.  That really harshed the vibe, there’s a special name for them I think… Oh yea, PEWS! I WAS IN A FUCKING CHURCH!

Ok, by some force of nature I had been tricked into entering a church (god? you’re reading this right? don’t be pissed, dog), but I could handle it.  Just focus on the music.  Yea, that worked until intermission.  While roaming the halls after my cigarette, I came across this sign:

Yes, the “Halloween Safe Night”.  It seems like kids these days can’t just have some good clean pagan fun without the church coming and fucking everything up.  First the Nicene Creed and now this?  ASSHOLES!  And look at the fine print: Continue reading


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