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Kenji the workplace sexual harassment robot

Some of you may have heard of this robot in Japan who fell in love with one of his intern/trainer people, barricaded her in his room, and refused to stop hugging her repeatedly until his eventual deactivation by two senior staff members.  But to be perfectly fair here, did you see the way she was dressed?  SHE WAS TOTALLY ASKING FOR IT!!! Continue reading


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episode II: attack of the internet

So when did we stop using the internet, and start letting the internet use us?  Am I the only one who wants to kick Al Gore in the balls every time I log on to my computer?  Yes, there is a wealth of free information on the internet.  Yes, the free exchange of ideas is healthy.  Yes, I too have become overly dependent on it.  But seriously, people need to stop placing so much value in 1’s and 0’s for a change.  You know that’s why our economy is falling apart right?  And as if that isn’t enough, check THIS out:

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