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invaders must die


invaders must die http://www.errordactyl.com

I scored a copy of the new Prodigy album the other day, and it ROCKS!!!!  I must say that, despite my die-hard love for The Prodigy, I was a little worried that they had already reached their apex.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  “Invaders Must Die” continues to really push the limits of Liam Howlett’s ingenuity, and draw from a diverse musical background of both electronic and acoustic musical genres (hell, Dave Grohl even plays drums on one track).  The Prodigy managed to stay true to their old school electronica roots, and signature sound, while moving further into the rock-electronica fusion genre that they did so much to create.  It is worth mentioning as well that the two remixes on the “Omen” single release are FIRE as well.  Though that is to be expected from Noisia and Chase and Status.  The album is scheduled for release in the States on March 3rd, GO BUY IT!!!!!


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pshttt… humans


I’m not the biggest fan of humans, I’m just going to be up front about that one.  I know, I know, I’m a human and I have human friends that I like, but i think that’s kind of on par with when you accuse someone of being racist, and they respond with “I have plenty of black friends”.  They’re still racist, and I still hate humans.  I mean, what the hell do we do?  We’re pointless!!! We’re not even a link in the food chain!  We’re just the ball at the end of it, dragging everything else down with us.  Fuck humans.  The only cool thing we have ever done is music (and pyramids).  Music is awesome, but at the same time, it really isn’t anything at all.  It’s just a concept, existing solely in the minds of other humans.  Even when music is played, it takes an other human to interpret it as more than just sound.  A dog doesn’t know the difference between music and the humm of an electric light.  So without humans, music isn’t real, it sucks too.

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Rex Riot likes to dance

So I don’t produce a lot of the mainstream club house stuff, but a while ago I thought I’d give it a try.  I never really finished the track, but it’s close, I need to fix the kick drum and a coupple of things in the builds before I’ll really be happy.  So on that note: LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!  Comment, or email me or something, I can always use the input.

LISTEN: Sideways

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how to cure a hangover in eight easy steps

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$low lori$

Here is a preview of the most recent project that I’ve been involved with.  It’s called “$low lori$”, after this tight ass animal.  The music is mainly dance remixes, but not cop-out dance remixes, I think we’ve done a good job of putting a new spin on it.  CHECK IT OUT!  This one is a remix of “Agenda Suicide” by The Faint.  There’s more to come.

LISTEN TO: The Quaint

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Substance B

I went to the FYE across the street from where I work yesterday in search of some CDs.  I know, crazy right?  Who buys CDs?  Well based on their store’s presentation they were asking the same question.  Movies, shirts, goofy electronics, posters, a fucking life size John McCain cardboard cutout, they seemed to have everything but music there, and certainly not the music I wanted.  After a few laps around the store I could find neither the techno nor the classical sections, so i stood in line for 15 minutes to ask the one employee for help.  She had to get her coworker to stop beating his dick in the back room and come out to help me.  God forbid you actually know where these things are.  He showed me the tiny dance music section, and the even tinier unmarked classical area.  “For Your Entertainment” my ass.  Good job guys, anyway, they did have this:


Dieselboy Substance D https://errordactyl.wordpress.com

Anyone who likes Drum and Bass should buy it immediately, anyone who doesn’t should get a life.  Anyway, the two CDs that I really wanted weren’t there, Beethoven’s Opus 131, and Verdi’s Requiem.  In fact there weren’t ANY Beethoven or Verdi recordings at all, and from the way the employee guy was talking, there seldom were.

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Britney Spears = Sid Vicious

This concept was brought to my attention last night.  I was at a birthday dinner talking about music with a stranger, when she said “Britney Spears is the modern day Sid Vicious”.  My initial reaction was “how could this be?”  They seemed so different to me at first, what could the legendary punk rocker have in common with this pop-diva-tramp?  But then it all started to come together.  Neither one of them was any good as a musician (look, it’s true, just accept it).  So if not music, what were they good at?  Oh yea, that’s right, they’re both just professional fuck-ups.  People LOVE to watch them self-destruct.  Plus, take a look at this:

Sid Vicious

Britney Spears

Hey, look on the bright side, with any luck she’ll overdose on heroin soon like Sid. Continue reading

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