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deliver me from fast food

There’s a “stats” page in the admin section of this site where I can see things like how many people look at the blog, where they were referred from, which pages got the most traffic, and all kinds of other fun info.  One of the things that I can see is what people have typed into search engines to find my site.  These are always the funniest.  I get stuff like “when do i firs shave” or “is mensa a joke”, that kind of stuff.  However, I saw something particularly retarded down there yesterday:



errordactyl searches http://www.errordactyl.com

HOLD EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is someone actually trying to cheat their way in to McDonalds?  This is too awesome.

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shave the puberty mustache and do the world a favor

Girls are not going to wet themselves over that sparse patch of misplaced crotch hair you have growing out of your face.  Trust me.  If you’re not man enough to grow a beard, then don’t try.  Take this kid for example:

He had to pay a girl to fake interest, just so he could put the picture on the internet.  Did he not know I would berate him publicly the first chance I got? Continue reading


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