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Kenji the workplace sexual harassment robot

Some of you may have heard of this robot in Japan who fell in love with one of his intern/trainer people, barricaded her in his room, and refused to stop hugging her repeatedly until his eventual deactivation by two senior staff members.  But to be perfectly fair here, did you see the way she was dressed?  SHE WAS TOTALLY ASKING FOR IT!!! Continue reading


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science vs religion: the final showdown

A couple of days ago one of my more ignorant coworkers was going off about god stuff, as usual.  I forget exactly how it came up, but he said something along the lines of

“well everyone worships da same god, just in different ways. It’s da Christian god, some people just don’t know that”

When I told him that there were polytheistic religions out there, his response was “yea, but they all dead now”.  Hummmmm…  Ok idiot, you know there are a lot of people out there that don’t believe in a god at all right?  He didn’t understand.  “no they just be callin him somethin else”.  This is so fucking frustrating, I could have a more productive conversation with Helen Keller.  Anyway, after much bickering, he hits me with this:

“Look, there is only one god, and that’s his name, God.  OK?  If you call him somethin else, then you goin to hell.  Aight son?”

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