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Kenji the workplace sexual harassment robot

Some of you may have heard of this robot in Japan who fell in love with one of his intern/trainer people, barricaded her in his room, and refused to stop hugging her repeatedly until his eventual deactivation by two senior staff members.  But to be perfectly fair here, did you see the way she was dressed?  SHE WAS TOTALLY ASKING FOR IT!!! Continue reading


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it’s like talking to a brick WALL-E

This guy posted a link on my WALL-E article to his blog entry about the same movie.  I’m all for shameless self promotion, so I left it up there, hell, I even clicked on it!  It wasn’t bad, maybe a little bland, but he tears WALL-E apart for goofy logistical inconsistencies.  He made a list of “critiques, questions and inconsistencies concerning WALL•E”.  They were really all questions, so I answered them… all.  You can see his post at http://kentpaul65102.wordpress.com/2008/12/08/wall-e-article-discussion/, but because I doubt he will allow my comment through on his site, I have copied the whole thing here: Continue reading


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another brick in the WALL-E

Being the good Pixar stock holder that I am, I watched WALL-E last night.  Aside from all of the typical physics impossibilities, and the fact that it was essentially one big iBro advertisement, I very was pleasantly surprised.  WALL-E was pretty fucking awesome.  I mean, I expect a fun movie from Pixar, but with insane computer graphics becoming more and more commonplace, they’ve had to team up with Disney for some help with the other stuff, so you never know.  As I’m sure everyone already knows, it was about these little guys here:

Well kind of.  It was really about chaos theory and sentient thought, at least that’s what I got out of it, I was pretty drunk, and high (attention government, if you’re reading this I was high on life, that statement does not indicate any illicit drug use on my behalf). Continue reading

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