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invaders must die


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I scored a copy of the new Prodigy album the other day, and it ROCKS!!!!  I must say that, despite my die-hard love for The Prodigy, I was a little worried that they had already reached their apex.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  “Invaders Must Die” continues to really push the limits of Liam Howlett’s ingenuity, and draw from a diverse musical background of both electronic and acoustic musical genres (hell, Dave Grohl even plays drums on one track).  The Prodigy managed to stay true to their old school electronica roots, and signature sound, while moving further into the rock-electronica fusion genre that they did so much to create.  It is worth mentioning as well that the two remixes on the “Omen” single release are FIRE as well.  Though that is to be expected from Noisia and Chase and Status.  The album is scheduled for release in the States on March 3rd, GO BUY IT!!!!!


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District of Chit: parts five and six

Just getting started.  We’re five shot’s into our journey and I have decided that I’m a rock star.  Fair enough.  Meanwhile our buddy “E” is just happy that she may run into our new first lady at Target shopping for jeans.  So without further ado.

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maybe you shouldn’t vote

That’s right, I said it.  It seems that everywhere I turn some new organization is on it’s knees ready to suck my dick if I register to vote, paying no mind to my level of political aptitude.  Every time it leaves me thinking:


I want to make it clear here that I do not claim to be a political analyst of any kind.  Yes, I have a functional knowledge of politics and what’s going on in the world, and I am registered to vote, but I am the first to admit that I am not a political genius by any stretch of the imagination.  That being said, look at the people around you and ask yourself it they’re really qualified to choose the next president.  Before everyone gets on my case about this, please note:


I just wish that some people didn’t.  Take a look at this:

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