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District of Chit: part eleven/twelve & the aftermath

So this concludes our little experiment here on errordactyl (sorry Maipeisu).  I had to rap the photo shoot up in time to go meet a friend and get to the video store before it closed.  Plus, I’m not really sure I could drink a whole lot more than 12 shots in an hour-and-a-half anyway.  Also, I decided that I wasn’t getting drunk enough fast enough, so I doubled up on the shots for the last outfit here.  Talk about the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Ooph.  I forgot these things take a little time to set in, at least my Hollywood Video experience was fun though.

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District of Chit: parts five and six

Just getting started.  We’re five shot’s into our journey and I have decided that I’m a rock star.  Fair enough.  Meanwhile our buddy “E” is just happy that she may run into our new first lady at Target shopping for jeans.  So without further ado.

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District of Chit: parts three and four

I’m doubling up today, because otherwise this thing will go on forever.  Without giving a way too much, I drank a LOT that night.  Though loading this many pictures at once from my work computer is a harrowing task, frankly sometimes it seems like I could get a better internet connection with string and Dixie cups.  I also feel the need to give credit where credit is due, our girl is getting a little better at dressing herself.  “E” should consider sitting at home all day listening to hip-hop more often.  I’m sure whatever she usually does during the day is not nearly as important as whoring herself out on the internet for superficial ego validation.

So anyway, apparently three shots is the point at which I forget to unbutton my jacket when sitting down, and four is where I re-kindle my love for toy airplanes.

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District of Chit: part two

Alright girls and boys, it’s day two of the errordactyl fashion blog, and still no word from miss “E”.  Even given my best efforts to incite iRiot with comments like:

I can’t believe you think all this crap looks good. I can dress myself better in a drunken stupor. In fact, I did, and I’m posting it on my blog http://www.errordactyl.com, have a nice day.


hey, i’ve got two drinks in me and i’m still the better dressed internet attention whore over here at www.errordactyl.com

Hummm… maybe she understands the “free reign” anarchistic nature of the internet better than I thought.  Or maybe she just doesn’t know how to work it (more likely).  Anyway, so here’s drink number two and I’m feeling a bit more casual.  Today also features a surprise trip to the great out doors…

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District of Chit: part one

Alright, so I stumbled across a “fashion” blog a little while ago called the District of Chic.  Now aside from being a blog about style in a city that has none, it’s more specifically a blog about the style of a girl that has none.  I believe she calls herself “E”, maybe shes afraid someone will try to track her down and beat some (fashion) sense into her.



Anyway, I decided that the only way to deal with this is to do a little fashion blogging of my own, only mine will have a little errordactyl spin on it.  The basic premise is this:


and there is only one way to find out.  So the other night I lined up the whisky shots and got to work, with the help of my friend and her digital camera.  Here’s how it went down:

1) pick out an outfit

2) put it on

3) take a shot

4) take some pictures

5) repeat over and over again

All of the clothes in these pictures came from my own wardrobe, and I even threw some cheap crap in there just for you miss “E”.  Each outfit was conceived of just before I put it on.  Over the next few days I will post the chronological progression of the evening.

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take those fucking sunglasses off

Apparently it’s now cool to treat sunglasses as a permanent extension of your face.  You know, inside, at night, to church, weddings, funerals, or wherever the fuck you go.  I don’t know how this happened, but if you are a subscriber to this fashion you may want to consider taking them off, putting them in your mouth, and choking to death in an attempt to swallow them whole.


kanye west pharell williams https://errordactyl.wordpress.com

Sorry, you look like an idiot.  That’s just a fact, I don’t care how fashionable it is.

And why do you lend so much credence to fashion anyway?  I’m not saying you should look bad all the time, far from it.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a woman when it comes to shopping for clothes, and that’s fine with me.  Looking good is important, but here’s the deal:


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