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THIS IS A CALL TO MY FEMALE READERSHIP to send pictures of their bare chests (or cleavage if you’re a prude) with “www.errordactyl.com” scrawled across them in sharpie.  The pictures will then be distributed across the internet in prominent (probably inappropriate) places.  If you’re not a female, don’t let that stop you from degrading your friends by convincing them to participate.

Send pictures to: errordactyl@gmail.com

must be at least 18 to enter.

and before you get all on my nuts about this, please also note that I know this is a blatant exploitation and objectification of women, and does not adhere to any “commonly excepted” social ethical code (at least not one that people will admit to).  So if that’s all you want to tell me, save your breath.  I don’t care, because sex sells and that’s a fact.

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Hello world! (because the whole world is on wordpress right now)

“Hello world!” is apparently the default WordPress title for someone’s first blog post.  I find this slightly odd.  I mean, think about it for a second:

Of the 6.7 billion people on earth, only about 1.46 billion are actually on the internet, and I’m sure they’re not all on WordPress right now.  They’re definitely not on the errordactyl blog.  In fact I can tell you with all certainty that exactly one 6.7 billionth of the wold population is on the errodactyl blog right now.


That’s a REALLY small fraction.  We’re talking scientific calculator small (you know a number with an e-something after it).  I mean, I loose more than one 6.7billionth of my body mass when I sneeze!  Even I’m not self centered enough to call THAT the “world” (most of the time).  So good going wordpress thanks for greeting me with immediate assumptions of how egotistical I am.  Also, thanks for the free web page, that part’s cool.  Anyway, 6.7 billionth, relatively underwhelming? Yes.  However I can’t help but take comfort in the fact that I found my own little piece of the internet to ruin.  It’s kind of like shitting in the secret garden.

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